– which, moreover, last but not least, helps to maintain necessary and worldwide demand through its strong export-orientation.

The major focus is on research and development, but also on vehicle design and components needed for vehicle production. This image is rounded off by highly specialized production. Particularly this branch is characterized by the tenacious pressure exerted by costs and rationalization. This includes the increasing shift of orders from production and development from the manufacturers to the suppliers. In recent years the suppliers have invested heavily in research and development to make their products more competitive.   Thus for years they have been generating a stable supply of jobs, which represents the highest job offer in this sector.

In future, companies must continue to reckon with high cost pressure caused by increasing     international competition and they will have to anticipate developments, in order to further increase productivity.

Organizations in the area driver assistance and safety systems can gear themselves for new impulses. From all this, more jobs can be derived for the automotive industry in logistics, traffic management and in services such as information technology or finances. Precisely for this reason it is vital for organizations to find the right employees for each job, who can contribute to this sector with enthusiasm, know-how and their unique personalities.