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Conflicts in the organization are more common than they are rare. This is the lamentable daily reality reflected in a survey run with 111 companies by the auditing firm KPMG.

The consequences are known: broken relationships among colleagues lead to errors, work motivation sinks, absenteeism and high fluctuation increase. Even inappreciable sensitivities can already cause great damage. Costs of projects that either failed or were protracted due to conflicts in every second organization amount to at least € 50.000 annually, and in every tenth organization to even more than an annual €500.000.

Organizations can invest this money more wisely!

When is mediation useful?

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Mediation is a useful process for solving conflicts when as many of the following criteria as possible are met:

  •  discussions or negotiations are deadlocked and no-one wants to abandon their standpoint; both parties are aware that there is a conflict;
    • a settlement is sought in which none of the parties to the conflict lose their face and in which continued collaboration is possible;
    • the resolution is not about being right, but rather about finding a fair solution, a so-called WIN-WIN solution;
    • the parties either know each other or are in some kind of relationship to each other;
    • the parties want to, must and will remain in contact or in a relationship in future (no change of job or workplace);
    • expensive and lengthy litigation is to be avoided;
    • the conflict is caused by personal and rational issues;
    • both parties are highly motivated to achieve a solution in an individually responsible manner ;
    • there is no large power distance between the parties.

We specialize in mediation in the business environment, also known as Business Mediation. These issues often require very personal, confidential and very direct treatment.

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