Business Coaching and Analysis

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Business Coaching — Am I at the right address?

You are at a phase in life at which certain issues dominate your thoughts, which clearly impede your productivity or quality.

  • You are facing a professional decision, which will have far-reaching effects on your private and professional life.
  • You want to or have to apply for a job and have never written an application, or your last application was ages ago.
  • You are in a professional deadlock and are making no progress.
  • Great changes are imminent for you in the near future and you are unsure about how to deal with these.
  • You have a lot of unpleasant situations to cope with in your daily professional life.
  • You want to advance your career and are seeking new perspectives.
  • Work-Life-Balance: You are looking for possibilities to reduce stress or have the need for more satisfaction in your life.

 Your Personal Advantage Through Targeted Coaching:

  • You open new avenues and provide yourself further room for manoeuvre.
  • You develop new competencies and discover/activate new talents.
  • You reduce your stress factors for more quality in your life.
  • You learn to deal with difficult situations in a sovereign manner.
  • You will boost your self-esteem and self-motivation.
  • You will enjoy inner clarity, order and security.

Definition Business Coaching — What does that mean?

Nowadays, coaching is an inflationary term that needs to be clearly defined as coaching and coaching are not necessarily the same!

The term „Coaching“ originally stems from the Hungarian word denoting
the village where the popular horse-drawn carriage was constructed. As the popularity of this particular carriage spread across Europe and its name was translated into a number of different languages, the term “coach” emerged, coming to identify the carriage itself. By the time the term found its way into the German business world, it had come a long way morphing in meaning each time through meanings as various as exclusivity to populism.

In a nutshell: Coaching is the support and accompaniment of people with an intrinsic motivation to improve their professional and life situation

When one examines it further, coaching is the solution- and goal-oriented support of people, e.g. in a professional environment, whereby the goal is to promote self-reflection and self-directed improvement of perception, experience and behaviour.

The coach supports the client (coachee) with the implementation of a task, with
the implementation of a project, with the solution of a problem or on the way towards achieving a desired goal.

Coaching offers you the possibility to shape your life independently with my support as your coach and to trigger change, thus making your own contribution to your positive future.

Discover and experience for yourself what is good for you and vital or correct and develop your next steps to successfully move in the right direction.

My approach is systematic, i.e., I do not examine your issues in isolation, but also take both your personal and private situation into consideration.

My coaching approach places you, the individual, in the focus.

I am at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.
The first meeting is always free of charge – and is, of course, part of our offer.