CV-Check and Application Training

Only a brief glance at the application determines whether ...

an applicant is interesting and has the possibility to present themselves to their target company personally and join the race.

Your application is your primary „showcase”, your own personal marketing and with that the first impression you make on your potential employer. The packaging is your first incentive that you can give to signalize: „I am the right person for your company“. In so doing it is important to note that not only your professionalism counts. Those in charge of Human Resources can only give your application their brief attention. For this reason your application must be convincing from the very first moment and professional both in content and packaging.

You only have this unique chance to make a first impression!

A CV-Check increases your chances of being invited to a personal interview in a company.

We offer you the optimal pre-requisite for the success of your application from the vantage point of Human Resources.

With a professionally created presentation of your person (professionally and individually) as well as of your track record we help you to achieve that decisive competitive edge.

We support you in achieving the format for your application that is expected by personnel officers and employers alike.

We support you in discovering weaknesses and problem zones and provide you with the right strategies and/or recommendations for change. We reflect on these with you so that you can create an optimal application and thus convince your potential employer on the basis of your portfolio.

We would also be delighted to support you with the following:

  • Written summary of your competence and preferences profile
  • Creation of and reflection on a Preference Analysis (Insights MDI®)
  • Business Coaching in the change process or during re-orientation, respectively.
  • Editorial optimization of the Exposé and/or application
  • Development of your application strategy and training
  • We approach the market on your behalf

We would be delighted to submit an offer free of charge and obligation.
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