Executive Search & Direct Search

Expect the best!

“Executive Search” stands for service within the scope of filling vacant management positions in corporations.
“Direct Search”, on the other hand, is applied for the placement of specialists. Our candidates ate sustainably employed in permanent jobs. The strategies used to reach each target group is similar, but not the same and are among the best guarded secrets of each executive recruiter who can do more than classical recruitment.

Our Services in Executive Search for Managers and Direct Search for Specialists at a Glance:

We work with decision-makers – in a team and in absolute confidentiality!

Together with you we draw up specifications for the positions to be filled, in order to introduce you to the best possible candidates with the required knowledge, talents and experience.

We identify suitable personalities and approach these proactively!
Years of practice-oriented experience in middle-sized companies and group affiliated companies make us the experts that we are.

Structured and customized recruitment procedures are our proven tools in the search for your employees. Moreover, we have recourse to our own comprehensive pool of highly qualified candidate profiles, which we assess and use for the completion of our projects.

As we understand it, communication is the primary pillar for filling a position successfully!

We evaluate the qualification of the candidates for aptitude and introduce the best!  Each client regularly receives feedback on the course of the search and our clients may rest assured that we shall endeavour to continue our services until the assignment shall have been successfully completed!

Make use of our team’s experience and competence to find the right people to execute your corporate goals in competitive markets.
We offer you our comprehensive and professional support!