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It is also a leadership challenge to continue to develop the right people in keeping with their potential and the specifications of the corporation.

The actual challenge: everyone is unique with their profile consisting of values, behaviour, competencies and EQ (Emotional Intelligence). In addition to that, we are not completely aware of emotional selves, at least at a relational level, and of our motives. Exploring the personality structure of a person in detail and comparing it with an expertise-based job profile is therefore a time-consuming and unreliable selection method.

Less Complexity – More Objectivity
Here systems are in demand which reduce the complexity of human behaviour to the factors that are decisive for the long-term, successful use of the right staff, while allowing you to remain as independent as possible from the gut choices of decision-makers in recruitment.

INSIGHTS MDI® Talent Insights „Leadership-Check“

Provides holistic feedback on the natural talents of a candidate. The report contains both insights about the most important motivational factors and a candidate’s behavioural preferences. The tool provides hints for communication, about the ideal environment and on a candidate’s natural strengths and weaknesses.

Using this knowledge, INSIGHTS MDI® is based on a modular system that explores and helps to optimize all areas of human potential:


  • The WHAT –      know-how in the form of skills, experience and competencies
  • The HOW–        behaviour, i.e. , one’s own natural and adapted behavioural  preferences.
  • The WHY: –        intrinsic motivation

As accredited Insights-consultants we successfully use this advanced and validated potential analysis tool in the fields of personnel selection and development, potential recognition, team development and management.

In Germany the INSIGHTS MDI®-Diagnostic-Tools are exclusively offered by INSIGHTS MDI International® Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of SCHEELEN® AG, and its certified licensed partners – professional trainers, consultants and coaches.

We are your accredited Insights MDI Consultants in Nürnberg – we will be pleased to advise you without any obligation!


  • Accredited Insights MDI® Consultant
    • You are cordially invited to free initial talks.
    • After an assessment, you will receive personal instructions as well as an explanation of the results in your report (at least 1 hour).
    • Your take-away will be a thoroughly detailed and comprehensive report.
  • Globally Renowned
    The INSIGHTS MDI®-Diagnostic-Tools have now been used in 35 countries, 16 languages and approximately 20 customized variants for the analysis of values, behaviour and competencies already more than 6.5 million times by more than 100,000 corporations worldwide. Our clients include BSH Bosch Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Munich Re or Sony.
  • Less Complexity – More Objectivity
    MDI stands for Management Development Instruments. INSIGHTS MDI® offers you a comprehensive, scientifically proven toolbox that has been tried and tested for decades and which enables corporations to recruit the right staff, deploy and enhance their strengths efficiently while harmonizing these with your corporate success and further building high-performing teams at all levels of the hierarchy.