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It is also a leadership challenge to continue to develop the right people in keeping with their potential and the specifications of the corporation.

The actual challenge: everyone is unique with their profile consisting of values, behaviour, competencies and EQ (Emotional Intelligence). In addition to that, we are not completely aware of emotional selves, at least at a relational level, and of our motives. Exploring the personality structure of a person in detail and comparing it with an expertise-based job profile is therefore a time-consuming and unreliable selection method.

Less Complexity – More Objectivity
Here systems are in demand which reduce the complexity of human behaviour to the factors that are decisive for the long-term, successful use of the right staff, while allowing you to remain as independent as possible from the gut choices of decision-makers in recruitment.

INSIGHTS MDI® Talent Insights „Leadership-Check“

Provides holistic feedback on the natural talents of a candidate. The report contains both insights about the most important motivational factors and a candidate’s behavioural preferences. The tool provides hints for communication, about the ideal environment and on a candidate’s natural strengths and weaknesses.

Using this knowledge, INSIGHTS MDI® is based on a modular system that explores and helps to optimize all areas of human potential:


  • The WHAT –      know-how in the form of skills, experience and competencies
  • The HOW–        behaviour, i.e. , one’s own natural and adapted behavioural  preferences.
  • The WHY: –        intrinsic motivation

As accredited Insights-consultants we successfully use this advanced and validated potential analysis tool in the fields of personnel selection and development, potential recognition, team development and management.

In Germany the INSIGHTS MDI®-Diagnostic-Tools are exclusively offered by INSIGHTS MDI International® Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of SCHEELEN® AG, and its certified licensed partners – professional trainers, consultants and coaches.

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