Industry sectors

Without a precise focus on an industry sector it is scarcely possible to cope with the high expectations of the Executive Search.

Through long-term intensive relations we built a strong network with contacts to various interesting persons.

Our clients and contacts value our industry expertise – which enables us to understand the specific issues and problems of the respective area. Thus we can offer a quick and effective identification of target companies.

Equally so, target contacts see in us a competent expert to communicate with at eye level. Such contacts are more easily mobilized and motivated for a career change.

We put great importance on fact that all partners of EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP have a well-founded practical experience in their respective industry fields.

At all times EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP is interested in long-term and sustainable contacts.


Facade - Structures and Faces

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Electronic Engineering and Electronics

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Plastics Technology

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Construction and Plant Building

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Metal industry

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