Facade – Structures and Faces

Graceful architecture with a high degree of sustainable recognition - façades are our “corporate identity”, in which the attitudes and demands of the architect and the owner are reflected.

With the implementation of steel/glass-facades, aluminium/glass-facades or metal facades, post and beam facades or point-fitted facades, structural glazing, modular facades or ventilated facades the branch sets milestones in innovation and design thus giving rise to graceful architecture with a high degree of sustainable recognition. Successful companies in the modern-day business of facade construction must possess in-depth and excellent experience in planning, construction and the implementation of the most diverse types of facades as well as extensive knowledge of the materials used and how they are processed. All this coupled with excellent project management and assembly skills speak in favour of their expertise.
Managers and specialists from these areas who accept the challenge are in demand at home and abroad and never tire in setting new standards with well-founded knowledge, a wealth of contacts and passion for their field. Only managers who share and internalise the corporate vision can perform with excellence, because they combine professional maturity with genuine enthusiasm for the organization. That is why in selecting our candidates we are keen to detect and screen precisely these factors separately, to contribute to the sustainable success of your organization.