Mechanical and Plant Engineering

German machinery and plants are appreciated worldwide for their quality, automation degree and innovative solutions.

Not only is the branch strongly export oriented, but also one of the strongest employing industries in Germany. Round about 1 million employees are working predominantly in medium-sized companies.

The multitude of technical solutions in the sector of engineering leads to a high degree of specialization of the personnel. On the other side the sometimes low name recognition of the brand (so called Hidden Champions) leads to high challenges for the entrepreneurs in their aspiration to win new staff. Hence it is good to have a partner, on which you can rely, who understands the demands and contacts the right candidate.


  • Especially in the sector of special purpose machinery engineering and plant construction it is vital to recognize the professional competence of candidates and estimate unerringly if they suit the qualification demand. Our consultants are engineers themselves and are able to meet interesting candidates on the same level to enthuse them for your company.

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