MPP – Consultancy

Management, Production and Process Consultancy

Supporting organizations in their search for candidates to maintain and promote organizational performance is only one side of the coin. In the meantime it is rather about offering small and middle-sized companies sustainable support for the maintenance of their corporate locations and production in the face of demographic constraints and the lack of specialists, because this is what constitutes the significant value of a region. Several small and middle-sized production companies do not get into trouble only because the region is lacking in attractivity, but because they need to be prepared for the globalisation process and the accompanying competition.

“By optimizing production and processes and targeted product controlling, in several cases up to 20% of the costs can be rapidly reduced, without incurring a high budget for modernisation or change measures.”

Often, however, these cost reduction measures are not implemented by companies due to their involvement in daily operations. The primary goal is therefore to sustainably increase the performance of production companies and ensure their competitiveness by targeting cost reduction while at the same time maintaining valuable jobs.

„We enable organizations to find and eliminate the real causes of their problems, whether these are to be found in administrative or production processes. We will not circumnavigate these problems. The proposed and recommended courses of action are always useful, innovative and sustainable.“

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Slama, Consulting Engineer at Wichmann und Partner

For this at our location in Nürnberg we have a total of 50 years of concentrated competence to offer in the operative and strategic environment of the entire value-added chain on the following issues.


Production Controlling

  • Economic analyses
  • Process cost optimization
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Project and change budgeting
  • Practice-proven measures and concepts for improving results.

Lean Management

  • Initiation and monitoring of change processes
  • Lean methods for production and administration
  • Implementation of a Kaizen organization
  • Value stream analysis
  • Design and operation of optimized production processes and individual production systems

Restructuring and Development of Production Companies

  • Interim Management
  • Stringent management of national and international production locations
  • Financial recovery and securing the future in the production environment.

Optimization and Control of Processes in Production and Logistics

  • Business process optimization
  • Material flow analysis and optimization
  • Opening of unused rationalization potential
  • Layout planning
  • Ergonomic workplace design

Project Management

  • Initiation and monitoring of change processes
  • Support on projects around topics such as increase in output,
    lowering of stocks, reduction of operating costs, etc.