Production Controlling

Production controlling as an important guarantor for economic success!

An elementary component of production management is the control of production under technical and logistical aspects. However, the cost-effectiveness of rationalization measures, the profitability of investment decisions, the selection of the most productive manufacturing concept, the cost-optimized vertical range of manufacture, and the cost minimizing use of resources constantly require both business acumen and to be considered from more than just a technical standpoint.

To recognize improvement potential, information on the structure, timely workflow, special events, error sources and bottlenecks is required. Production controlling results in the formation of necessary parameters and the events on the production surface are diagnosed in a targeted manner and transparently illustrated. Thanks to the planning and monitoring of effectiveness and efficiency the Production Manager wins adequate space in which to devote himself to important management and coordination tasks as well as solutions for technical issues in production.

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  • 50 years of concentrated competence
  • Process cost optimization
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Project and change budgeting
  • Practice-proven measures and concepts for improving results.

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